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SSATSection 3 Reading Comprehension Skills中文阅读题型范例

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t supposed to wear white after Labor Day? It is a long-standing tradition, one that those of us from the South have had beaten into our heads form our very earliest memories. But from where does this rule come?

People dispute the origin of this custom. Some say that the rule developed from practicality. After all, everyone knows that wearing white in the summer is wise because the white reflects heat and helps the wearer keep cool; wearing dark color is wise in the winter because the dark material absorbs heat and keeps the wearer warm. The rule of thumb, they say, merely solidifies what was already well known, widely accepted common knowledge.

Other say that the custom developed out of practical concerns, but for cleanliness reasons not for warmth purposes. They argue that the rule of white applies only to shoes, and that out of attempts to keep them clean grew the rule of wearing white only in the warm months.

Still others say that the rule grew out of a class struggle that took place in the late 1800s. with the rise of manufacturing in America, a new class of wealthy people grew up, one that conflicted with the old money class that had existed since the founding of the colonies in the 18th century. The nouvean riche class wanted desperately to be accepted by the old money folk, but the old money people did not want to accept them. Therefore, the old money folk used knowledge that they had created for use among themselves, unwritten customs and accepted ways of doing things unknown to the nouvean riche, to keep the new money folk away.

Whatever the reason, however, the rule remains in use today.
Which of the following words can be substituted for the word solidifies without changing the meaning of the sentence?
A. confirms
B. thickens
C. rebuilds
D. reconstitutes
E. goes against

Which of the following statement is supported by the information in the passage?
A. Customs became a weapon used by those with new money to force those with old money to let them become part of society.
B. Customs became a weapon used by those with old money to snub those with new money.
C. Customs regarding fashion quickly became out of date.
D. Customs regarding when to wear white changed to allow people to wear white year-round.
E. Customs always grow out of practical responses to issues of daily life.

Which of the following statements is not true according to the article?
A. The issue over when to wear white may have originated in the 1800s.
B. The nouveau riche had a hard time getting respect.
C. People should wear dark clothes in the winter.
D. Wearing white originally applied to shoes rather than clothes.
E. Concerns over keeping clean were never a concern when the rules for wearing white were develop

All but which of the following inferences may be made about the author?
A. The author is willing to do research to find answers to interesting questions.
B. The author has studied some history.
C. The author is knowledgeable about fashion.
D. The author is female. E. The author is from the South.

What will come next in this discussion?
A. nothing; the author has finished the article.
B. a discussion of other instances in which the new money and old money clashed.
C. an account of some famous Southern women who defied the "no-white-after-Labor-Day" rule.
D. a no-white-after-Labor-Day" rule.
E. a handy mnemonic device to help us remember when to wear black.
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